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Current Courses

Ethics, Public Policy, and Technological Change (COMM 180, CS 182, ETHICSOC 182, POLISCI 182, PUBLPOL 182)
Winter 2021-2022
Examination of recent developments in computing technology and platforms through the lenses of philosophy, public policy, social science, and engineering.  Course is organized around five main units: algorithmic decision-making and bias; data privacy and civil liberties; artificial intelligence and autonomous systems; the power of private computing platforms; and issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the technology sector.  Each unit considers the promise, perils, rights, and responsibilities at play in technological developments. Prerequisite: CS106A.
Policy Change Studio (INTLPOL 310)
Winter 2021-2022
Collaboration with real-world partners to define solutions to pressing policy problems. Students work in teams and are guided by the teaching team, along with project-specific advice from a faculty mentor and an external advisor. Students may also travel in order to collect data and meet with stakeholders. The capstone course takes place winter and spring quarters of the second year and revolves around a cutting-edge policy-making framework. Drawing from methods learned in the core courses, each group will work through the framework in parallel, analyzing their problem, developing a solution, and navigating a successful implementation. (Enrollment limited to second-year International Policy students.)
The Science of Politics (POLISCI 1)
Autumn 2021-2022
Why do countries go to war? How can we explain problems such as poverty, inequality, and pollution? What can be done to improve political representation in the United States and other countries? We will use scientific methods to answer these and other fundamental questions about politics.

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